Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama vs. Omama

If t-shirt sales were figured into election polls, you would think it was Sarah Palin and not John McCain running against Barack Obama. According to news reports, ever since McCain announced Palin as his VP candidate, t-shirts with McCain/Palin or simply just Palin have skyrocketed to come close to the number of shirts being purchased, featuring Obama.

Sarah Palin Omama t-shirt shirt
Sarah Palin Omama t-shirt
by palinshirts

Now before I go any further, I have to point out that the door swings both ways. Just because a lot of t-shirts are being sold featuring a Presidential or VP candidate's image or name, it doesn't mean it is always in favour of the chosen candidate.

All this fuss over Palin makes you wonder how this must make John McCain feel, almost being relegated to an afterthought.

It was McCain's decision to choose Palin so he has no one to blame but himself for fading into the background. Then again, with all the jokes about his age, maybe McCain is just sly as a fox. Maybe he'll let the much younger Palin do all the heavy lifting and he can just reap all the rewards in the end.

Some say Barack Obama's recent remark about putting lipstick on a pig was a direct shot at Palin and he came under heavy criticism for it, although most took it as a common saying to illustrate a point.

Obama seems to have weathered the storm over that statement, attributing it to the press blowing it way out of proportion.

However, he has his share of critics as well.

Actually, the forgotten candidate in all this is Joe Biden. Who? You know, Barack Obama'a running mate for VP. Ok, so he doesn't have a milf look to him, nor is he a hockey mom or hail from Alaska and shoot moose with an oddly spoken Minnesotan accent. But here is one contributor to remind you that he is on somebody's mind.

Barack Obama is certainly keeping himself busy and burning the candle at both ends. Apparently he is also running for Prime Minister of Canada. Have a look here. Obama For Prime Minister

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