Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Amherst Iceburgs- 2005-06 Champions!

Well, finally after 4 years and three trips to the finals, I have won our hockey pool from work.
WOOHOO!!! After a 2nd place finish in 2001-02, 3rd in 2002-03 and 2nd again in 2003-04, the Amherst Iceburgs are the 2005-06 UJFHL Champions! It was a bitterly fought finals over the last 2 weeks with a very worthy opponent, Leafs Blow (nice name...). Although the final score was 9-1, it does not reflect how close each stat category was. I have to say that Sidney Crosby really came through for me in the clutch and has to be maybe the best pickup off waivers I've ever made. Thanks to Aging Buds for putting him on waivers!!

For the first time in UJFHL history an actual trophy will be presented this time to the winner. The Sixpack Cup had always been a virtual reality
trophy until now.

The UJFHL is proud to present the Sixpack Cup to the Amherst Iceburgs!

Remember, 90% of an iceberg is under water so you may think you see me coming but then BOOM!!! I hit you before you know it!


  1. When does it go on tour??? Does it come with a six pack?

  2. Ha Ha! Unfortunately I have to supply my own six pack. As for it going on tour, it will only tour locally so you might have to come see it yourself.