Monday, August 11, 2008

Become An Affiliate and Earn Money!

Earn 15% on all Referred Sales T-Shirtmonster Affiliate Plan Benefits

  • Earn 15% Commission on all referred purchases
  • Cookies last 60 Days for new & return purchases
  • Full marketing materials & outstanding affiliate support
  • Sales Reporting you can access 24/7
  • Seasonal Promotions & special events
  • Quick turnaround: commission paid monthly
  • It’s completely FREE to join!
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Do you have a website or blog? How about a My Space or Facebook account? If so, you can drive traffic to and make money each time a visitor makes a purchase based on the referral from your site, if you are a member of The Zazzle Associates program. Members receive a 15% referral fee for each sale they refer.

It's Free!
Setting up an account is simple, free and takes only a few minutes. Remember, you do not need to make your own designs to become an associate, you simply need an online account of some kind to place links or promotional tools that your friends and visitors can click. This can even be as simple as customizing your e-mail signature to include a referral link. The link could be to Zazzle's home page, a favourite gallery or even a specific product. These links would include your own personal Zazzle star or reference number, providing you joined the program, which tracks where the referral come from, ensuring your referral fee.

Available Tools
  1. Make a Merch Booth for MySpace
  2. Install the Merch Store application on Facebook and show products on your profile.
  3. Create-a-Product API - The Create-a-Product API allows any third party to automatically generate a customized product with content from your own website. You provide the content, your users add their creativity, and Zazzle manufactures and ships the product in 24 hours. Examples:
  4. Flash Panel - Allow people to interact with products from your collection or from other Zazzlers. Place one on your blog or website to start driving them to buy the good stuff. Create your own flash panel
  5. Product Links - See a cool product? Click on the "Link to this" on any product page to pass it around.


This is how my associate link appears for Caza Creations without the HTML link code.

"">azac69's Gallery at Zazzle<

When I include the HTML, it appears as this: azac69's Gallery at Zazzle
Note that it uses my contributor name instead of my gallery name. This is easily changeable to Caza Creations if you decide to do so.

Upon joining The Zazzle Associate program, you will receive your own reference number. That is the number you see above, highlighted in yellow. Your number would be automatically inserted into the code in place of mine. It is this number that allows Zazzle to know who should get credit for the referred sale. Once you have this number, you can click on Promote This Gallery and copy the code you'll need to paste in your site. It is important to note that you are not restricted to promoting only my products. With your associate membership number, you are free to promote any contributor's products or Gallery you wish. The more products you promote, the more chances of earning money. The best part about it is it's completely free!

The Zazzle Flash Panel is a handy tool that can be placed in your blog and is very versatile. You can customize it by choosing certain search terms (ex; "election race" or by selecting a specific Zazzle contributor (you'll need to know their account name) or you can even specify which product you want to feature, be it t-shirts, shoes, hats, mugs, keychains, etc. You can narrow it down even further by choosing recent or popular designs.

This is the flash panel for Caza Creations. If you would like to install this panel on your site, click on Promote This Gallery, copy code and paste into your site's HTML.

make custom gifts at Zazzle

The versatility doesn't end there. You have your choices of skins to use depending on your tastes or colour scheme of your site. Not only that but you can blow it up or shrink it down to size to fit wherever you want. The Skin choices are Classic, Space, Paint, Metal, Summer Breeze and Graphite.

I used the search term "election race" for this flash panel and chose the "Paint" skin. I also selected "popular" instead of "recent" for the featured products. I then copied the code and pasted it here. Next, I edited the HTML and shrunk down the size of the panel by altering the width and height. Always change both by the same amount. The default size of Zazzle's Flash Panel is 450=W by 300=H. For this one I changed it to 250 by 100.

buy unique gifts at Zazzle

If you want to customize the code for your flash panel to change the size, look at the 4th line down in the code, it will appear like this:

width="450" height="300"

Simply change the 450 and 300 to bigger or smaller numbers. You may need to experiment to get the desired size.

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Whether you have your own gallery or just want to promote other contributor's products and earn money, here is how to get started.

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