Monday, April 17, 2006

Earn Money As An Affiliate

Hey all you entrepreneurs out there! Are you looking to make a little extra cash? Got a website or a blog? Maybe you have a Cafepress shop like me. If this is the case, then you have the opportunity to earn money as an affiliate of my shop, Caza Creations. It is easy to setup within minutes and requires only that you place a text or banner link on your website that will contain your very own PID (Personal Identification Number) which you will receive upon signing up for the Cafepress Affiliate Program, allowing you to earn 20% of all sales of my apparel and merchandise made through the clicks on the links you will have placed on your site. That's it. It's as simple as that. Once you have placed the link with your PID on your site, there is nothing more to do. Anyone who then visits your site and clicks on that link that takes them to my shop and makes a purchase will earn you 20% on each sale made. Cool eh? I thought guys who worked on commission really had to work hard at it but this seems to be pretty easy. Place a link on your site, sit back and go about your own business and let your visitors do the work for you:)

So here is what you need to do:
  1. Sign up for the Cafepress Affiliate Program to get your PID.
  2. Place a text link on your website with the following code: (replace xxxxxxx with your own PID)
You can also link to a specific page or product within the shop if you likeFor example, a link to the Asterisk On Steroids section would be:

I don't have any banners made yet to place as links but as soon as I do I will post them here.Thanks and happy selling!

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