Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oh Canada, Remember This Mon Ami?

Bonjour my friend, how are you mon ami? Ca va tres bien thank you. If you grew up in Canada in the 70's and 80's then those words might sound vaguely familiar to you. Well, get ready for a blast from the past! Those lyrics were from the song "Bonjour My Friend" by Angele Arsenault that was recorded on a 33 1/3 RPM record (for you kids out there, a record is what we used to listen to music before MP3's, CD's and even cassettes). The record was included in a board game package called Oh! Canada which was issued for free to Canadian schools and citizens upon request.

Experience a little bit of Canadiana and take a trip down memory lane to see Oh! Canada.


  1. How can you listen to that song again? Is there a link to hear the song performed for us oldies? Andre wants to know if the toilet-car is still on the game?

    If you want a walk down memory lane how about the Ontario Song. 'Give us a place to stand, and a place to grow. And call that place Ontario. A place to stand, a place grow, Ontari-ari-ario.' Do you remember that song?

  2. You can search for a download of the song on any of the Peer to Peer file sharing progams such as Kazaa.As for the toilet car, check out this link and you have your answer.Scroll down and click on the fourth image.