Sunday, May 21, 2006

Batman: Dead End

This is a short film of Batman that aspiring director Sandy Collora made in the hope of using as a demo to illustrade his talents to potential movie studios.

It starts off with a radio news report that the Joker has just escaped from Arkham Asylum, while we watch Bruce Wayne slip into the Batsuit. Batman catches up with the Joker and they do battle until someone or something unexpectedly joins in the fight, but on who's side? A very strange twist to a Batman film indeed!

Clark Bartram plays Batman while Andrew Koenig portrays the Joker. Here is a little trivia for you. Andrew is the son of actor Walter Koenig who played Pavel Chekov on Star Trek. You may also remember Andrew as Boner, Mike Seaver's best friend on Growing Pains.

Batman: Dead End (2003)

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  1. That was pretty cool - wasn't sure where it was going. But where was the Govenor? The Terminator would have TERMINATED Batman!