Sunday, May 28, 2006

Believe It Or Not

My sister and her husband came down this weekend for a nice visit along with their young son Bryce.It is always nice to catch up with them. We were enjoying a nice supper outdoors by the pool when my sister wondered if I could answer a question that had been bugging her for a while. She asked me if I remembered a TV series based on the movie "Arthur" starring Dudley Moore. She added that the TV series might have had different actors than the movie and that she recalled the theme song was Best That You Can Do.I told her that I remembered the movie but I couldn't specifically recall a TV series of the same name. I mentioned it was possible that the show did exist but that maybe it was so bad that it got cancelled after a few episodes.I told her there was a quick way to find out. When in doubt, Google it.

So after our supper was over, we went over to the computer and started typing in some key words. First was Arthur's Theme which the search results turned up a link with the theme song's lyrics.Browsing through the lyrics, my sister tells me that this is not the song she was thinking of. All of a sudden, the search took a wild 180 degree turn when my sister said,"I remember the guy had curly blond hair and could fly." Immediately I said,"Greatest American Hero?", and she said,"that's it!"WTF?!

How do you possibly get Arthur and Greatest American Hero mixed up? One was about a short, dark haired, funny, rich, drunk guy who fell in love with a fugly prostitute and had a witty butler as a best friend. The other was about a tall, blond curly-haired school teacher, who gets visited by aliens, who give him bright red leotards with superpowers to fight crime, teamed up with an aging FBI agent and married to a beautiful lawyer. Oh wait, typing it out, I can now see the similarities (insert sarcasm). Did I mention we were drinking beer during supper, apparently some more than others!

But the story doesn't end there. When I realized that she was thinking about Greatest American Hero and not Arthur, I could not believe the coincidence. I say coincidence, for on the very night before, I had been searching the internet for information about my favourite TV show when I was a twelve year old boy. That TV show was The Greatest American Hero and the theme song my sister mistakenly remembered as Arthur's Theme was actually The Greatest American Hero Theme (Believe It Or Not) and this is what I had found the night before.

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"Arthur" and "10"

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  1. It's William Katt!!!!

    By the way - "You call me" - (since you don't have an answering machine and I know you check this pretty regular! You must have been loungeing by the pool when we tried to call! Sounded really Fun - wish we could have been there too!) P.S. Go Oilers Go! (Only 1 more week until the big head shaving day for Hayden and you have a nephew back again! Saturday at 11:20 a.m. - we will be sure to send pics!)