Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Man of Rock?

The Rock Is Superman

Superman Returns is almost here, and with that I present you with another tribute to the Man of Steel. This time it's from a Saturday Night Live sketch which pokes fun at the seemingly inadequate disguise Superman uses to transform himself into Clark Kent. WWE's The Rock portrays Clark Kent. It's actually very funny.

Getting back to Superman Returns, this video is obviously a spoof of the Superman movies and comics of people's inabilities to recognize Superman and Clark Kent as one and the same, including a reporter by the name of Lois Lane. As you see in this video, all the clues are there. As much as I like Superman, it is fun to make fun of his weak disguise.

Which brings me back to Superman Returns. Apparently, the plot of the movie involves Superman having left Earth and been gone for five years. Now that would also mean that Clark Kent would also have to be gone for five years. After time to reflect on his meaning in life, Superman finally returns to Earth. Guess what? By coincidence, Clark Kent also returns to Metropolis! What are the chances of that. Huh Lois? She is supposed to be an ace reporter? That should be the final piece of the puzzle right there, and I'm talking about one of those kid size jigsaw puzzles, the ones with only 5 pieces the size of your hand. Wake up Lois!

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