Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Oscar Spot Travel Mug

Are you a current member of The Oscar Spot? Do you enjoy a delicious beverage every now and then. Do you lead a busy and hectic lifestyle that constantly has you on the go, traveling to and fro? Well that doesn't mean you must go without your two favourite things!

Now you can travel in style, in this handsome Oscar Spot travel mug that will allow you to enjoy your favourite potable while driving, without spilling a single drop. This steel mug features the alternate Oscar Spot logo, with The Oscar Spot featured in a khaki and olive outline of a hollow text. The three oscar fish make their appearance here in the form of a bold, black and white silhouette. The tag line and website text are also white and black to compliment the entire design in a tasteful way.

So whether it be coffee, a sports drink, or even just water, let The Oscar Spot keep you spill and spot free.

Have a drink on us but not on you!


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