Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Top Ten Letterman Moments (#5)

What would a Top Ten Letterman Moment be without a Top Ten List from the Late Show itself. This has always been my favourite part of the show. Rarely do these lists fail to produce some laughter or even guffaws and this next clip is no exception.

The topic for this Top Ten list is:
Top Ten Signs You're Not The Most Popular Guy In High School
As a special treat, to present the list for this topic is Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder) from the movie of the same name.

#5 Top Ten Signs You're Not The Most Popular Guy In High School

I have yet to see the movie Napoleon Dynamite but if it is more of what I just saw from this clip then I have to put it on my must-see list. I love the way he runs off the stage at the end. It looks like Dave got a big kick out of him too. If you want to learn more about Jon Heder, check his bio here.

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  1. Napolean Dynamite Rocks! "Gosh! You idiot!" I can't believe you haven't seen it! Hayden & Kelsey LOVE it! Just remember - It is NOT a movie that took mega dollars to make. It will blow you away - if you keep in mind that it is an 'off the wall' type of comedy! P.S. TetherBall rules - don't forget to watch the deleted scenes too! Those dance moves are totally GROOVIN too!