Monday, August 28, 2006

National Film Board Of Canada: The Big Snit

The Big Snit (1985)

A married couple get on each other's nerves playing Scrabble, oblivious to the fact that a world wide nuclear war is unfolding right outside their front door.

Released by The National Film Board of Canada and directed by Richard Condie, The Big Snit was nominated for an Oscar for the category of Best Animated Short Film in 1985.

If you have never seen this short before, I think you'll enjoy it. Highlights include the wife shaking her eyes, the husband's strange fascination with sawing everything (there's even a TV show dedicated to sawing), also his rearranging of his Scrabble tiles and the poor pet cat who probably uses up 8 of its nine lives.

If you don't enjoy this movie then why don't you go join some stupid shakin' rock and roll band. Shake your eyes at me eh lady?!

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