Sunday, December 10, 2006

Clark Griswold's Ultimate Christmas!

This video has been around since last year (or longer maybe) but it is so awesome and appropriate for this time of year that I felt it is time for it to make the Internet rounds again. I was reminded of it when I was listening to a local rock radio station (WRIF, 101.1 FM, Detroit) and the "Doc of Rock", Doug Podell, was interviewing Paul O'Neill of Trans-Siberian Orchestra and they talked about this specific video.

At the time the video was made, TSO knew nothing about it. The guy who owns the house, Carson Williams, an electrical engineer from Mason, Ohio, programmed his Christmas lights in sync with the TSO song, "Wizards In Winter". He also somehow managed to arrange it so that if you were within range, you could tune in to a certain radio station on your car radio, and the music would play in sync with the lights. If you were just walking by, music was piped out on outdoor speakers.

I'm not sure if Williams himself shot the video or some passerby but eventually it ended up on the Internet. It soon became the most downloaded viral video, unbeknown to TSO. Finally, someone close to the group called up and told them what was going on. O'Neill promptly surfed the 'net, found the video and watched in amazement, this astonishing piece of illuminated wizardry. He knew then that he had to find the person responsible. Using the Internet and a couple of friends, within 2 hours they were able to find out the man's name , state, city, street and house address and phone number. The call was made.

Williams suspected one day he might get a call about his display but he thought it would have been about a cease and desist order or even a lawsuit from TSO's lawyers. No sir. Quite the opposite. It was Paul O'Neill himself telling the man how great his display was and they were just overjoyed with it and encouraged him to do more. They even flew him out to one of their concerts. It's a Christmas story with a happy ending. Speaking of endings, let's now have a perfect ending to this post.

Without further ado, here is Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizards In Winter" synchronized to Christmas lights.

Wizards in Winter-TSO (x-mas lights)

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