Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sealed With A Kiss

Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Amy Smart are puckering up for a good cause. They are just three of many young female stars (along with a few men and famous animals) to put their lipstick where their mouths are for the Humane Society Of The United States. Hollywood stars are lining up to press their famous lips to U.S. postage stamps, leaving a full, red imprint of their luscious smackers and selling them through in a promotion called, Sealed With A Kiss (S.W.A.K.).

Other celebrities leaving their lip-prints are Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Gene Simmons of Kiss and Benji the dog. For the whole gallery of lip art, check out the following link and see what other famous pairs (lips that is, I don't think they've recruited Pam Anderson yet) are stamped with love. SealedWithAKiss's Gallery at Zazzle

Gene Simmons of (Sealed With A) Kiss

If you are feeling a bit creative and maybe a little jealous, you can leave your own pecks on postage by uploading your own lip prints and publishing them onto your very own custom designed U.S. postage stamps, at Zazzle. This is especially appropriate for the next time Valentine's day comes around.

Pecks On Postage

Zazzle's Custom Stamps featured on EXTRA

See my gallery at Zazzle

The Oscar Spot Shop is a print-on-demand website service that allows you to purchase and sell apparel and merchandise imprinted with your own or other people's designs. Among the items are t-shirts, hats, stickers, calendars, neck ties, etc. For more info, watch this next clip:

How Zazzle Works

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