Thursday, April 12, 2007

Plastic Grocery Bags Banned

San Francisco has become the first North American city to ban the use of plastic grocery bags. The city is following the example already set by many foreign cities in an effort to cut down on the non-recyclable bags that take an estimated 1000 years to dissolve. On April 2, Leaf Rapids, a tiny town in Manitoba, Canada, became the first Canadian location to implement the same idea. See more of the story here. There is also another article here.

The plan is to offer reusable cloth or canvas bags such as this for example:

Years ago, the plastic bag was introduced as an alternative to the paper bag to cut down on deforestation. However, the plastic bag presented it's own environmental problems, even becoming hazards to marine and wildlife. Here is an article from the San Francisco Chronicle that breaks down some statistics.

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Don't forget, Sunday, April 22 is Earth Day 2007 all over the world.
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Happy Earth Day

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