Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bonds Making An Asterisk Of Himself

Major League Baseball player Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants is quickly approaching the the career homerun record held for many years by former big leaguer Hank Aaron. The anticipation of this event has been building over the last couple seasons when it became evident that if Bonds stayed healthy and continued to play, he would have a legitimate shot at breaking the record. The key word here is legitimate.

Many people believe that Bonds has not done it legitimately up to this point. Some will have you believe that he achieved his homerun total with the aid of steroids or human growth hormone(HGH). Although many more of us have our suspicions, this has not yet been proven beyond a doubt. Still it raises the question of whether there should be an asterisk next to Bonds' name in the record book, should he break the record and it is revealed that he did it bulked up on steroids.

One thing is certain. Bonds has made a Giant asterisk of himself in recent years. Remember when he dressed up like Paula Abdul? But I was thinking that if MLB did need to put something special in the record book to denote the difference between the old and the new record, then instead of an asterisk, it should be an asteroid. An asteroid, you see, is what you get when you cross an asterisk with steroids. Makes sense to me. But how do you guys feel about it?
Is Barry Bonds a cheater?
No Way! There is no proof.
Not sure. free polls
If Bonds breaks the record, MLB should...
put an asterisk in the record book.
put an asteroid in the record book.
burn the record book.
turn it into a medical book.
should team up with the WWE
none of the above. free polls

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