Saturday, June 09, 2007

London Logo Falling Down?

The recently unveiled logo for the 2012 London Olympics has barely had a chance to get settled in but has already fallen on hard times.

First there was its general appearance as you see here, that many people were very critical about. The logo is somewhat of a departure of Olympic logos of the past.

The design features four abstract shapes, each representing the numbers 2012, with the city's name placed inside the first number and the familiar Olympic rings centered on the numeral 0.

Now comes the news that a promotional video of the logo, in animated form, placed on the 2012 website, has triggered epileptic seizures in several people, angering the city's mayor. The video has since been removed but the mayor is still steaming, along with many others. The mayor has suggested that the design firm responsible for the fiasco, not be paid for their services. Also, a petition has been started to get the logo changed. so far 49,000 have signed the Change The London 2012 Logo petition.

I don't see what people are complaining about. Yes, some people suffered some epileptic seizures but where were these critics when it was time to remove Mary Hart from the TV airwaves for her part in Kramer's suffering:

Kramer Suffers Seizure

What do you think of the London 2012 Olympic logo?
I love it! Very original.
I hate it! Picasso was never my favorite.
It's ok, but nothing special.
Seizure just kicked in, I'll let you know later.
Kramerica should have designed it. free polls

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