Friday, September 14, 2007

Ahoy Mateys!

September 19 is fast approaching and I really have to brush up on my piratese. In other words, the totally made-up "Talk Like A Pirate" day is almost here and I need to practice my "Arrrrrrs!"

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that this is from a Seinfeld episode. Wrong. That would be Festivus Day and even though that was made up by the awesome Frank Costanza (father of George), it bears little in common with Talk Like A Pirate.

The Origins of Festivus Day

The origins of TLAPD

On TLAPD, the only requirement is that you speak like a pirate. What? You don't know how? Well I'm glad I bumped into you then. Let me point you in the right direction to learning how to talk like a pirate. I think I posted this next video here before for last year's holiday but it never hurts to post it again.

First Lesson: Learning the 5 A's

When you get the hang of that, you can move on to the advanced level and see if you can speak piratese as fluently as this next group of scalawags.

Pirate Convention

If you feel you want to reach out to a loved one whom you haven't spoken like a pirate to in years, like grandma perhaps, but the long distance rates are just a pain in the booty, sometimes a nice card will do.

Finally, I'll leave you with this fitting little song that sums up the whole pirate frenzy in a catchy little ditty.

"I'm A Pirate"

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