Friday, June 27, 2008

James Ready Contest Update

Since coming up with my first design for the James Ready Beer contest at T-shirt Monster, I have come up with several others after getting on a roll. I didn't see anything in the rules that prohibited more than one design from the same contributor from being entered. So here are my other entries.

James Ready Contest Entries
  1. Honey, I'm Home!
  2. Ready, Willing and Able
  3. Obey All Signals
  4. Speed Limit
  5. I Survived 5.5
  6. Bottled Up
There are only 3 days left in the contest. Due to only finding out about it only 3 days ago, I was late getting to the starting gate but I hope with some help from some very kind souls, I can make up some ground. Anything is possible. So if you find yourself reading this and are extremely bored with nothing to do, why not click on one of the above designs and vote on it. Note, you do have to register to vote but it only takes a minute. Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to vote, leaving a comment or just simply browsing my designs. It is all appreciated very much.

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