Friday, January 23, 2009

More Student Awards Contest T-Shirts

Here are a couple more t-shirt designs I've submitted for the contest hosted by T-Shirt Monster. If you like them, feel free to click on them and cast your vote or just browse around if you are bored.

Sign of Happiness is a cheerful, whimsical pun, designed to bring a smile to the faces of the people you encounter. You've no doubt heard the saying, "smiling is a sign of happiness". Well, I decided to interpret that in a literal sense with this effort and give it a whole new perspective and hopefully in turn make other people smile.

The second entry is another play on a famous quote by René Descartes who said, "Je pense, donc je suis" (I think, therefore I am). Substituting think for instant message, I also took the liberty of abbreviating "I am" to IM which is short for instant message. To complete the design, I added a smiley emoticon which is commonly used when instant messaging friends. Hope you like it.

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