Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Store Now Open @ Skreened

Caza Creations is pleased to announce the opening of a new POD store at Skreened. Based in Columbus , Ohio, the company has been in operation since 2006. Skreened boasts an impressive array of quality and ethics. From their organic t-shirts, their promotion of no sweatshop labor, their charity program, to earth-friendly practises, Skreened uses only American Apparel which is all made in the U.S.A. The company even ships out its orders in biodegradable packages. Read an interview with Skreened co-founder Daniel Fox as he talks about what he is striving for and what makes his POD service different from the others. Gift cards are also available.

Since the store is only a couple of days old, naturally I haven't had time to stock it full yet. To start off, I have added 3 designs to the shop and will add more in the near future as time permits.

One thing you'll notice with the products in Skreened is they have a much larger print area than most other PODs. This allows the design to cover the front and back from top to bottom if you wish. You can see it the examples I have provided from my store.

This Student inmate shirt is sure to be a favorite among schoolkids. Most kids think being in school is like doing hard time. Why not dress for the part in these old-fashioned, black and white prisoner's stripes. Don't worry students, you get paroled after four years of good behaviour. It's called graduation!

This grocery tote bag or all purpose bag has a nice whimsical design with bright colours and cheerful composition. With the heart-shaped foliage, it's the summer of love and in the summertime, who doesn't love watermelon?

Skreened describes this tote bag on their site as the following:
Our cute, all-purpose natural cotton tote bag made from 100% bull denim. Smooth, both texturally and stylistically with a double handle.
NOTE: Dimensions: 15" X 13" X 3-1/2" (38cm X 33xm X 9cm)

If you're on the prisoner's softball team, what better name for your club than the Slammers. For those unaware, slammer is another way of saying home run ans also jail or prison. So you see, you'll have all the bases covered with this baseball uniform. You don't even have to be on the prisoner's team to own one. Get some for your neighborhood beer league team. You will be the big, bad Slammers on the field.
If you would like custom uniform numbers, please message me.

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