Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spreadshirt Store Renovations


I opened up a store at Spreadshirt a couple of years ago just to try it out. There were some things I really liked about it, others, not. I decided I would put it on the back burner and focus my attentions on the other 2 PODs I had at the time. Since then, I decided I would be closing my Cafepress store and wanted to find a good replacement. I logged in to my Spreadshirt shop and noticed it was the first time in 388 days! Wow, I didn't think it was that long ago.

I had to re-acquaint myself with the navigation system and get my bearings. Some of the site is cumbersome to get around. Once I did, I viewed my shop layout. It was a horrendous mess. The colour scheme, background image and available products all left something to be desired. It was time for an overhaul.

I spent about three days fixing it up and I am somewhat satisfied with the new look. I still have to tinker with some things but it will suffice for now.

One of the things I love about Spreadshirt is the ability to upload vector designs to be printed as flex or flock prints. Flex is a type of vinyl material that is cut out and pressed onto your t-shirt or other product. Flock is a fuzzy material that is applied to you shirt the same way. These print styles last much longer than DTG and won't fade.

The t-shirt you see at the top of this post is a combination of flex and flock. The BLADES hockey skate logo you see on the front is a flex print. It will have a shiny appearance. On the back are areas for customers to insert their own name and uniform number in flock, which has a fuzzy, almost felt-like feel. This design and others at My Shop can be customized further upon request, as in the logo colours can be changed.. Just leave me a comment if you want a design that is currently not featured on a style of shirt that you would like.

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