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Thank A Soldier, T-Shirts

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Canada and the USA are two countries in which their citizens enjoy a great quality of life. Both offer enormous opportunities to live the dream of a peaceful life and the means to realize your full potential. Add to that the ability to exercise your right to free speech. It starts to look pretty good doesn't it? Don't forget that both countries are huge expanses of land which share the longest common border in the world. Both have some of the most picturesque geography of any country. However, even though these two great countries are what both would be called a "free country", all of those perks come with a price. The price is war.

Soldiers put their lives on the line every day so that we can enjoy the lifestyles we are now living. Many have died for your rights. Others who are fortunate enough to come back alive are often war amputees, suffer from depression, post traumatic stress or physical ailments. It is rare the soldier who comes home from a war unafflicted in one way or another.

What can you do, you ask? You can thank a soldier. It may not seem like much but knowing that their efforts are appreciated can boost the morale and spirits of soldiers, past and present. How can you thank a soldier? Dave Murphy has come up with a simple yet effective way. Words need not even be spoken, although that would be great also.

Murphy, born in Grand Falls, Newfoundland, Canada, has created a website called Thank A Soldier and along with that has opened up an online store where you can purchase Thank A Soldier T-Shirts. The t-shirts are available in several different colours, styles and sizes. In addition, there are different themes that can be customized by the customer by adding the name of a loved one or fallen comrade. The customer simply needs to click on the circular, orange label that reads "Customize Me!" and then use the "New Text" tool to insert their own personal text.

Design Themes
There are several different military themes which you can choose to reflect your personal situation. as with the t-shirt above, you can customize it yourself by adding your own text.

Themes include:
  • Remember The Fallen (U.S. and Canadian)
  • Soldier's Sweetheart (U.S. and Canadian)
  • Red Fridays
  • Army Wife
  • Navy Wife
  • Marine Wife
  • Air Force Wife
  • I Love My Canadian/U.S. Army Soldier
  • I Survived Iraq (and all I got was this lousy t-shirt)
  • Half of My Heart is Deployed
To view these designs, visit the store.

Murphy's motives are noble and his inspiring story of what led him down this path is certainly an interesting one. He donates the money from the t-shirt sales to predetermined Military Memorials and museums from the countries where the sales originate. He also uses some of the money to keep running and ad free. Don't forget to read About Thankasoldier in the right sidebar of the store to see where the proceeds are going for that time period.

Wearing one of these shirts out in public, you just might encounter a soldier (or several) who just might see your message and know that their efforts are appreciated and that we are thinking of them.

Have you thanked a soldier today?

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