Sunday, January 24, 2010

T-Shirt Monster Website Getting Makeover

One of the websites I use to sell print-on-demand apparel is in the planning stages of a site re-design and is asking visitors for feedback. In case you couldn't tell by the mini banner above, the website is T-Shirt Monster.

T-Shirt Monster is still relatively new to the POD world, so it has a ways to go before catching up to the big boys. That's why they are asking for your suggestions on how they can improve the site. If you have some great ideas that you would like to see them implement, just e-mail your suggestion(s) at
For example, you might have an idea on how to improve their product Design Lab.

Being a Canadian website, I like that T-Shirt Monster is a great alternative for my Canadian customers even though it could use several improvements. However, if enough of you write in with your great ideas, I'm sure TSM will make several of those in the coming months when they finally re-launch their site. And you can all say, "Hey! They used my idea!"

If you want, you can also post a comment to this post, telling me what improvements and/or additions you would like to see and I would be happy to pass it on to TSM.

So how about it Monster members? What changes would you make to T-Shirt Monster?


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