Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Hab Cab

This is one from a series of commercials that Nike had done several years ago. I had forgotten all about these and now I am reminded of how hilarious they were.

The premise of the commercial is to illustrate that former Montreal Canadiens' goalie Francois Dupuy (look really quick and you'll see it on his cabbie's license) was forced out of the league because Mats Sundin, with his Nike skates, exposed his weakness which was a weak stick hand. As a result, he had to get a job as a cab driver, although he has trouble letting go of his past, not to mention his equipment but still being in denial he would say, "What mask?"

After watching this a couple times, I think I just noticed something. I could be wrong, but the male passenger who says he is from Indiana looks a lot like one of my favourite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, who happens to be from Indiana. Have a look for yourselves and please let me know if you think this also.



Jim Gaffigan

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