Saturday, September 02, 2006

Zazzle Grand Re-Opening

I have done a makeover on my Zazzle shop. See my gallery at Zazzle . A bright new colour scheme, logo and layout are among the changes you will see. The logo background is an escher-inspired bitmap with a concrete texture. Also, the site is much improved and easier to navigate.

Among the new features that are available are: 1.Promote Me, 2.Send to a Friend and 3.Contact Me options. If you have a website or blog of your own and would like to showcase my work then click on the first option. If you think you know somebody specific who would enjoy my work, then click the 2nd option. If you have an idea or suggestion for me and would like to get in touch, click on the 3rd option. You may also view my fan club and the fan clubs I have joined. Click on Favorites and you will see some of my favorite designs from other artists.

The Comment Wall allows you to leave a comment, suggestion, critique, opinion or anything else you'd like. Feel free to be the first! Let me know what you think of the new layout, the colour scheme, my designs, what you would like to see, etc.

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See my gallery at Zazzle

Disney, Family Guy and Coke
If you would also like to shop for other products, consider these famous brand names and icons:
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Remember, these products are customizable to your liking.

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