Saturday, October 21, 2006

Great Big "C"

"C" is for Canada. When you think of Canada, most people think of hockey. Hockey and Canada go together like pancakes and maple syrup. Mmmmm....pancakes! Keeping this in mind, I wanted to design a logo that represented these two things that are close to my heart. I knew I wanted something bold and sharp. It had to be simple yet still have an understated look to it. What I came up with is my "C" is for Canada logo.

I got the inspiration for this design from the original Vancouver Canucks logo. The Canucks logo comprised of a hockey rink with a horizontal hockey stick that combined to make a letter "C". After all, what better way to represent a Canuck than with a hockey rink and stick?

Similar to the Canucks logo, mine also had the outline of a hockey rink as a background. Unlike the former, the hockey stick was replaced with a patriotic Canadian Maple Leaf at "center ice" with a channel exiting out to the right of the rink, forming a large red letter "C". Also, instead of Vancouver's colours of blue and green, I naturally used the colours of our national flag, something all Canadians can identify with. I purposefully kept this design simple and easy as I wanted a design that was easily identifiable from any distance viewed, near or far. The result is a crisp, clean logo that is a throwback to hockey logos of the past.

I imagine this logo adorning the jersey's of the Canadian men's Olympic hockey team or maybe flying high at the top of a flag pole as Canada's second flag, letting everyone know that "C" is for Canada.

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