Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Children Of The Candy Corn

Most of you are well aware of the movie, The Children Of The Corn, the horror film based on Stephen King's book. Here is a little reminder.

Children Of The Corn

However, many of you don't know about a real threat that emerges every year around this time of the season, a threat that could very well effect you, the very one who is reading this right now. I am talking about Halloween night and the creepy, horrific beings that stalk unsuspecting adults without so much as a thought to their well being. They come in hordes and travel in packs of three or four and are relentless in their primary goal.That goal is to seek out candy corn. Yes, you heard me, candy corn.

Much like a zombie out to satisfy his hunger for human brains, these creatures of the night will stop at nothing to satisfy their ghoulish hunger for the sweet confection shaped like corn. Do not attempt to be a hero as this may potentially result in a terrifying trick played upon you. The best solution to ridding yourselves of these candy addicts is to stock up plenty of candy corn and simply hand it to them when confronted and they will gladly head on to their next victims with no harm coming to you. They can be frightening but remember, all they want is candy corn. If you give them that, then you have a chance of living to see daylight. So on Halloween night, watch out for...

Children Of The Candy Corn

Trick or Treat candy bag

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