Monday, June 30, 2008

New Products at The Oscar Spot Shop

After a long interval between new products, The Oscar Spot Shop is proud to unveil its latest items for purchase. Part of all proceeds go towards keeping The Oscar Spot website running for a reliable place to turn to for all your Oscar fish and other cichlids questions and answers.

O'fish'al Member Mug
This mug has template fields for Oscar Spot members to enter their screen name and other info and also add an avatar. Customer can choose different style mug and size when ordering.

O'fish'al Member T-shirt
This item also has text fields to customize your info including avatar and year you became a member of The Oscar Spot. Comes in several different styles and colours including toddler and baby styles and sizes.

Mission Statement T-Shirt
This shirt has The Oscar Spot text on the front and the mission statement on the back and can be ordered in any colour, style and size.

Frosted Mug (Mission Statement)
You can insert your own name on this mug when ordering which comes in handy if you are going to have more than one in the same household.

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