Monday, June 30, 2008

From Babies to Babes

I've just added a couple of products to my main store gallery and I guess you could say that they go from one extreme to the other age wise.

The first one is a baby onesie design I was inspired to make one day. I don't know why, but I started thinking that babies must feel like little prisoners when they are in their baby cribs, behind those wooden bars, waiting for Mommy or Daddy warden to grant them a pardon. I can just picture them with a tiny harmonica, wailing away on the blues. Even their playpens are like the equivalent of a penitentiary exercise yard. That's right, even the baddest babies get a little play time. So that is why I came up with this:

There is a text field to customize the baby's inmate number. You might want to use the baby's birth date as a number and if they are twins or triplets then that is when the dash comes in handy. For example for triplets with the same date of birth, just add -1, -2 and -3 at the end of the birth date number according to their time of birth. On the back of the onesie are official black and white prisoner stripes. Go easy on them, will ya warden?

The second design is a little more titillating and for a much older crowd so babies are excluded from this subject. It is a wet t-shirt without the water. I've provided the design so it is up to you (or a thoughtful friend) to provide the water. That's right, simply wear this shirt and I'm sure someone will be happy to accommodate you by following the shirt's instruction.

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