Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Stickers

If you're a teacher, coach or parent of young students, athletes or kids, then you know that motivation is an important tool in life. Kids thrive on being rewarded for their good efforts, especially at a young age. What adult doesn't remember what it felt like when he/she received their very first gold star as a kid for a job well done. Admit it, it felt tremendous and you were beaming with pride. As a result, this motivated you to try harder and repeat your success. If you didn't get one at first, then this also motivated you to try harder and make it to the top of your field.

I remember as a young kid in grade school, my favourite teacher had a system where she would award small circular stickers to the students in class based on a combination of academic performance, completed homework assignments and behavior in class. The stickers came in three colours; gold, silver and bronze. Obviously, the better you did in all three categories, the better chances you had of receiving a gold sticker. At the end of the week, the student who performed the best, received a prize of some sort (a new pencil case for example) and then it started all over again the next week.

I started thinking to myself that it was pretty cool back then but the stickers were just plain ol' solid coloured with no design or details. I thought, wouldn't it be cool if they actually resembled actual medals, similar to what Olympic athletes are awarded. Kids these days are looking for something a little flashier than plain gold stars or circular stickers. That doesn't impress them anymore. It's a little too old school, if you pardon the expression. They need something that is not ho-hum. That is why I came up with these simulated "medal" stickers for the motivation that these kids need.

These Gold, Silver and Bronze "medals" are perfect for the teacher who wants to reward her students for recognition in academic achievements. If they wish, the teachers may create a board for students to paste their stickers next to their names or the students can simply stick them to their shirts for the day or paste them on their journals or binders. Get creative with them and see what you can come up with.

These stickers don't have to be for teachers and students only. Coaches of young soccer teams or t-ball teams can use these as rewards for their teams' finish. they can also be used for field day events or crazy Olympics. Parents can use them to reward their young children whenever they clean their rooms or are nice to their siblings or do something nice for an elderly person. It is only limited to your imagination.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Stickers
available in two sizes: 1.5 inch(sheet of 20) and 3 inch(sheet of 6)

Also available as buttons and magnets.

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