Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hockey Harmony

Are you like me? Do you enjoy the sport of hockey? Do you also enjoy good music? If you answered yes to yourself, then you need to quit talking to yourself and get out more. However if you only thought to yourself that the answer was still yes, then you probably enjoy it even more when the two are combined together to form a formidable concoction known as a hockey song. Let me show you just one example.

Concussion by The Zambonis

That song by The Zambonis was found easily enough, available on YouTube. If you type in the search bar, the words, "songs about hockey', there are several songs about the fastest sport known to humans that turn up, but not nearly enough. Conducting a Google search also yields several website results but each only contains a limited selection of the music we truly crave. The only way to get our harmonious hockey fix is to hop from site to site, clicking on each arena anthem in hopes of finding one that we haven't hard before. As you try different search terms, your hope to find that elusive treasure trove of a site that is the mother load of all hockey songs. Alas, you are shutout in your attempt or at the very least, lose in overtime, maybe even both. I wish somebody would create a site where you can find all the greatest songs about hockey. Is that too much to ask? it? No, it's not and that is why somebody got tired of waiting for somebody else to get the puck rolling and that somebody (me, if you slow skaters haven't guessed by now) has put together what hopefully will become the most comprehensive collection of the greatest hockey songs in history with a little help from you, the fans.

The name of the site is Hockey Harmony and features popular hockey tunes that a lot of listeners will know. It also showcases some very obscure ones but are good, none the less. Some of the more well-known bands whose songs serenade the sweet sport are The Zambonis, The Hanson Brothers, The Tragically Hip, Warren Zevon, Gear Daddies, Stompin' Tom Connors, and many more. There are loads of videos and the site is also interactive. You can participate in polls, comments, duels, add your own song or video selections or simply sign the guestbook. The ultimate section of the site though is the enormous song list links in which visitors can vote up or down the Stanley Cup champion of hockey songs. If the song they like is not on the list, they can simply add it themselves. Now that is music to everyone's ears.

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