Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Re-branding Caza Creations

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If you have visited here before, you may notice that Caza Creations has a new logo and banner as well. Actually, the logo is a cleaned-up and modified version of the previous logo, with a much bolder look that better represents what Caza Creations is about.

The wordmark Caza Creations is now at the forefront of the design with the familiar "double c" in the background. The coulours have changed a little bit, starting with the logotype which has a hard-edged, horizontal gradient of two shades of blue. It has a thick navy blue outline whereas the old logotype had a thin white outline. Also, the logotype no longer uses the "double C" logo as the first letters of each word, instead standing out on its own.

As mentioned, the C within a C logo is placed behind the logotype forming an instantly recognizable background and completing the overall logo's appearance. This also has an even thicker, navy blue outline and the fill is a green and blue, radial gradient.

The banner itself remains a work in progress but for now I think this one is a considerable improvement over the former one. Even though the old banner had a cool appearance, I feel it conveys a better message of what Caza Creations provides. However, I am not 100% satisfied with it and will be tweaking it again once I know what direction I want to go.

I also have a simple black and white version of the logo for advertising purposes.
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What effect will this have on Caza Creations stores? Well, currently I am in the process of re-branding each store that you see situated directly underneath the banner of this blog. The goal is to try to give a uniform look to each store as much as possible, starting with the logo and banner. I haven't gotten a chance to update them all yet as I still have the old banners up for Cafepress, Spreadshirt and Squidoo. Eventually I will get around to changing those to the new banner. Hopefully, this will create a more recognizable brand identity, one that customers will come to know and remember.

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