Saturday, October 18, 2008

Customizable Skateboards

I am a little late in hopping on the bandwagon for announcing that Zazzle has introduced brand new skateboards but like they say, better late than never.

Zazzle custom skateboards allow you to design your very own skateboard using a patent-pending printing process on North American Maple Decks, printed in California. You can create a skateboard to purchase yourself or you can sell your design online. The boards come in three styles, Comp, Mini and Old School and also come in various sizes. There are no minimum orders or setup fees and the skateboards ship within 24 hours after ordering.

To help launch the companies new product,'s co-founders and brothers, Jeff and Bobby Beaver, volunteered as guinea pigs for a publicity stunt that had them getting a couple of rad sk8tr boi lids. If you're not hip to what I'm saying, that means they got new haircuts. Have a look.

Radical Zazzle Sk8tr Beaver Boiz

Let's see Bill Gates do that. What's the matter Billy? Chicken? I thought so. If anyone could use a new haircut, it's you Bill.

Could it be that when Avril Lavigne was singing Sk8tr Boi, she had either Jeff or Bobby in mind? Just imagine one of their faces in place of hubby's face, Deryck Whibley of Sum 41. I just can't imagine Jeff and Bobby changing the name to The Zazzle, as in this example.

The Story of Skater Boy

It's not only skateboards you can design at Zazzle but t-shirts too and they can serve the same purpose. Just design a great looking t-shirt and have a buddy wear it and then you can turn him into a human skateboard. Take him for a ride on a half pipe or grind some rails with him as in these next videos. I would have liked to have seen Jeff and Bobby try this.

Human Skateboard

Human Skateboard 2

Anyway, I haven't yet dipped my toes into the skateboard pool as far as designing my own yet but I will as soon as I can come up with a design I like. In the meantime, speaking of designs I like, have a look at this little showcase of skateboards I have put together, from the various talented contributors to Zazzle. It features a few of my very favourite designs I spotted browsing through the marketplace. These are absolutely awesome, so if you are not skilled enough to design your own but would like to purchase one, consider one of these fantastic-looking skateboards to call your very own.

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