Monday, April 27, 2009

New Buffalo Wings T-Shirt

I've created some new Buffalo Wings merchandise over at Skreened.

This t-shirt is an update of a design I've uploaded on some of my other PODs. I went with a solid black simply because Skreened doesn't offer black t-shirts so a black design looks very good on all the colours.

I like how the large print area allows for some artistic freedom and gives a fresh look to an old design. It is like thinking outside the box or colouring outside the traditional boundaries that can become like a pigeon hole at other sites. It is a refreshing way to work. I am currently going over some of my older designs and seeing which ones I want to put a new spin on. I will be having fun experimenting with these new canvases they call t-shirts.

I've also added the design to this handy, all-purpose tote bag.
I've reversed the colours on each side of the bag where the buffalo is red and the text is black and the other side is just the opposite. It gives it a unique look I find, as you can alternate which side faces away from you and give others the impression you have a new bag. Also, I find the red buffalo gives a nice spicy look to it.

Unlike the t-shirt above, the bag only comes in the natural colour you see here.

A lot of people enjoy Buffalo wings but most people have never actually seen a buffalo with wings. Now you can show them!

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