Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Fantasy Hockey Souvenirs

With the first round of the NHL playoffs now over, and the second round looming, most fantasy hockey leagues have already completed their playoffs. By now, your league has already crowned a champion and rewarded him or her with a prize of some sort, whether it be a small sum of cash or other.

Now you can indulge yourself even further with this handsome souvenir t-shirt, commemorating your awesome managerial skills and the fantastic season you had. It's a subtle reminder to all your friends and fellow poolies to what transpired at the end of the season. This is the perfect item for someone who is too modest to brag, so they let a shirt do all the bragging for them.

If you want to shower yourself further with awards, you might want to get an actual winner's trophy like this Champion's stein.

If you're a Commissioner of your own fantasy league, you may want to consider rewarding your league's champion with something a little more permanent than cash (not that cash is bad) and looks great in a trophy case or by the bar in the basement.

This trophy stein makes a great memento and will always be a reminder of your championship season and what it took to get there. Besides, you know you've always wanted to drink out of your own trophy, right guys?

Even though this fantasy season has come to a close, it's still not to late to treat yourself to the trophy you deserve. It only takes a couple of minutes to customize and then it is yours forever. Then, for next season, plant a bug in your league commissioner's ear and see if he will consider offering it as a prize. If need be, part of the league's entry fee can go towards the cost of the stein.

Congratulations to all fantasy hockey league winners and to the rest, better luck next season.

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