Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Website for Caza Creations @

Over the last few years, I've been using this blog as my main source for outside advertising of my POD stores and design services. In absence of a proper website, it served me well for what it was worth.

However, it is time for a change and a step in a new direction. I would like to introduce my new website, which from now on will be my main site. The site name is still the same, just the address has changed.

To visit my new website go to Caza Creations @

In addition to what this blog offers, I now have a Forum, a FAQ page, two chat rooms, arcade, and event calendar which I will eventually get around to filling with actual events, once I think of some.

I still have quite a bit of tinkering to do but it will do for now. Looking forward to adding Zazzle and T-Shirt Monster affiliates to the link page. Let me know if you are interested in having yours linked. Leave me comment on this post and I will consider adding your store.I can't promise it will be added but I will take a look. Thanks.

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